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Gymboree Play & Music Albufeira - Portugal

Gymboree Play & Music Albufeira - Portugal
We are very excited, our trip around the world has already started! And so has our partnership with Gymboree ! Houray !
(Please find a short presentation of Gymboree, here.)
Gymboree Albufeira is located inside a mall called “Continente - Modelo” near the city center.
The first morning, 2 ladies welcomed us: Vanessa and Ana, the Gymboree teachers.
It’s vacation mode here, there are 3 children! Today’s theme is about numbers. C. and E. know the concept from Gymboree France, so they follow the several games easily. We enjoy our time moving, reading, and singing.
After the class, we get a lucky surprise; a family, Andreia, Hernani and Beatriz, are ready to be interviewed. The video will come soon, El Padrino is working on it :)
The day after, we participated to an Art class. The kids loved it. This class gives children the freedom to paint whatever they want. To paint is a precious present we can give them.
Our last experience is the School Skills Classes. For 2 hours, Silvia who is in charge of this Gymboree center accompanies the kids during their playtime, learning, eating, and drawing. It’s like school! Usually, the parents do not accompany the children.
After the class, Monica, a mother of 3 is ready to be interviewed, yeah!!
PS : sorry for the picture's quality, we took a photo from the video :(
Our time in Gymboree Albufeira
Spending quality time with the kids is necessary. By quality, I mean time, without the phone, the computer, the social networks and so on. And to be honest, life is going so fast, sometimes we do not take that time. Gymboree is aimed towards that, so go with your child and enjoy this fun and sporty moment together. The other good thing about being in a Gymboree class is sometimes the child does not want to play with you and that is fine, you are just here and enjoying watching your child experimenting and be ready to accompany him if needed. We are so luck to have Gymboree as a partner.
We are a Gymboree Family!
Please find more information about Gymboree Play and Music Albufeira
Algarve - Albufeira (Albufeira Shopping Continente-Modelo)
Rua do Município, Lt 32, Piso -1 Albufeira 
Telefone: 289 098 112 /  919 098 112
The classes
At Gymboree Play & Music Albufeira, they teach classes of the Play & Learn program for all the seven levels; the Art classes are being held on Thursday afternoons. School Skills classes are available every week day mornings, and a parents optional Play & Learn level 7 class on Sundays, at 12am, for kids 3 to 5 years old. On Saturday afternoons, it’s usually Gymboree Birthday parties. On Friday afternoons, it’s a Mums & Tots session, at 3p.m.: a group of local mothers meet there every week with their babies for free playtime. The Open Gym is available for everyone on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. If there is no Birthday Parties on Saturday, the OpenGym is also available on that day.
The opening hours
Gymboree Play & Music Albufeira is open everyday from 10am to 7pm, and every member of their staff speaks both Portuguese and English fluently.
And if I am only passing through: You can have an isolated Play & Learn or Art class.
And if you are Gymboree members, your membership entitles you to take up to two free classes at a Play & Music site that is not your home site while you are traveling anywhere in the world.
Obligado Gymboree Portugal!
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