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Why travel with Hostelling International?

Why travel with Hostelling International?
Why travelling in a Youth Hostel is ideal for a family?
- The atmosphere in a Youth Hostel is ideal for the parents and the children to meet new friends and enjoy new experiences.
- Many hostels feature special "family rooms", often with en-suite facilities. There are also comfortable lounges, gardens, play areas,
activity programmes, barbecues and even swimming pools - plus
cafeterias, laundry and drying facilities too.
- Most of the Youth Hostels are situated in central, fantastic and unique locations.
- It is a cheap way to travel!
- Often you will have reduced price admission to museums and cultural centers.
- HI is present in more than 4,000 hostels worldwide.
What does make HI special to compare with another Backpacker?
More than being an accommodation Hostelling International is active throughout its Youth Hostels to educate people and promote peace concepts. In HI Youth Hostels around the world, you are able to encounter people of different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. HI Youth Hostels are a rich resource for learning and for building a better, more peaceful world.
As for exemple, in novembre 2013, HI won Ambassador for Peace Award for their work encouraging young people to travel in order to break down cultural barriers and promote peace.
What does HI mean for you?
HI is a huge international family. I have a personal (Fanny) connection with HI. I used to volunteer and work for the French Youth hostel Association. Being part of this family gives us the feeling to be citizen of the world and to have a home wherever we are going.
What is the connection between our project and HI?
HI’s mission is to help young people learn about other cultures through travelling. Our project’s goal is to help families learn about other cultures, way of parenting through travelling.